To help small and midsized businesses (SMBs) leverage the potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) while reducing risk, vCISO Services, LLC is pleased to announce the Virtual Chief AI Officer (vCAIO) service.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022, the use of generative AI has increased substantially. Businesses are seeing the opportunities generative AI provides.

However, with opportunity comes risk. Generative AI, by its nature of processing information, has the potential to introduce substantial risk to the enterprise.

Proper governance is the best approach. As with information security, with which generative AI shares many risks, organizations using generative AI (even popular chatbots like ChatGPT) should institute a management system based on an industry framework.

While there are several framework initiatives in various states of completion, we have standardized on ISO 42001:2023, released in late 2023. Like the familiar ISO 27001 for information security, ISO 42001 contains similar clauses 4-10 and Appendix A detailing 39 controls. These controls address the following areas:

  • Policies related to AI;
  • Internal organization;
  • Resources for AI systems;
  • Impact analysis of AI systems on individuals, groups, and society;
  • AI system life cycle;
  • Data for AI systems;
  • Information for interested parties of AI systems;
  • Use of AI systems; and
  • Third-party relationships.

Just as we have helped organizations build their information security programs based on ISO 27001, we can help develop your organization’s governance approach to generative AI with our vCAIO services, available as part of vCISO subscription packages Silver and up as well as a standalone service. Visit or contact us for more information.

Image generated by OpenAI.