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Virtual Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded in use the past year. Many organizations, including SMBs, are struggling with AI governance. Our vCAIO can help.

Choose a Framework:

Proper governance requires choosing a framework. We leverage ISO/IEC 42001:2023 to create proper AI governance programs. This standard includes:

  • AI Management System (AIMS): The standard assists organizations in developing, providing, or using AI systems responsibly, in line with their objectives and applicable requirements, obligations related to interested parties, and expectations from them.

  • Scope and Applicability: It defines the scope and applicability of the standard, as well as the terms and definitions used.

  • Context of the Organization: This includes understanding the organization and its context, the needs and expectations of interested parties, determining the scope of the AI management system, and establishing the AI management system.

  • Leadership and Commitment: This involves leadership and commitment, policy, roles, responsibilities, and authorities related to the AI management system.

  • Planning: Addressing risks and opportunities, establishing objectives and plans, and managing changes related to the AI management system.

  • Support: Providing resources, competence, awareness, communication, and documented information related to the AI management system.

  • Operation: Involves planning and control, design and development, procurement, operation and maintenance, monitoring and evaluation, and improvement of AI systems within the AI management system.

  • Performance Evaluation: Monitoring, measurement, analysis, evaluation, internal audit, and management review of the AI management system.

  • Improvement: Involves addressing nonconformity and corrective action, continual improvement, and learning and innovation of the AI management system.

  • Ethical Principles: It includes principles of AI ethics such as fairness, accountability, transparency, privacy, security, human dignity, human agency, and social and environmental well-being.


Our Approach:

We view the vCAIO and vCISO roles as being very similar in elements and structure. Therefore, our vCAIO approach is similar to our long-established vCISO program. We begin with learning about your AI needs, initiatives, and plans. We investigate your environment, to include meeting with relevant SMEs. We compare your environment to ISO/IEC 42001:2023, with the goal of aligning to the standard per the organizations strategic plans and risk tolerance.

Contact Us to Learn More:

We are leaders in the SMB virtual CISO market because we provide highly-experienced resources and time-proven processes with the focus of creating holistic, complete security programs, not just achieving compliance. Learn how we can apply our philosophy of service to helping your organization achieve its AI governance needs.